Community Access

Making every community a click away for development and change makers around the world.

Social Connectivity

Connecting people to their communities for development, events and participation.

Cultural Identity

Promoting and preserving socio-cultural identities for the world.

City Smart Direct

Promoting community business facilitation for easier contact anywhere they are located.

Leadership Evaluation

Stimulating better performance, responsiveness, transparency and accountability to the people.

Human Development

Facilitating growth through information, e-training and socio-economic development.

If you have flair and capacity for leadership, you can be a
Community Social Leader!
Our Mission

"Promoting community social connectivity, accessibility and good governance for better development" 


"Man makes community and community makes man... When we make her good, we raise good people, make it bad, we groom bad ones and we all pay for it" 

- Prince Ayo Kolawole