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  • Making every community a click away from the world.

  • Evaluating leadership and community development trends.

  • Giving every Community a voice to tell their stories, preserve their history and heritage.

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CitiMemo is set to launch social connectivity for 50 communities and cities in Ondo State.

Ondo State
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Welcome to the history of Ode-Aye. The original ancestor of Ode-Aye people was named Danikin (which is pronounced Daniken in the local dialect) who is the son of Ooni of Ife. History relates that Danikin migrated from Ile-Ife to Benin during the time of Oba Osoluwa, father of Oba Esigie of Benin and grandfather of the Ist Abodi (Jabado) of the Ikales.

Ondo State
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This is the COMMUNITY REPORT SPACE for Ondo State Government.

Report only issues that requires government intervention using this space.

If you are privileged to meet Mr Governor, Arakunrin Oluwarotimi Akeredolu, what is that thing you will like to tell him or that one question you will love to ask?

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A review of sectoral development in Ondo State is ongoing, details should be available by the end of Q1.

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