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The Community Social Ambassador - CSA

Welcome to the Citizen MEMO, a social engine for community development and good leadership.

Man is a product of the community he built. Community being so important to the making of every man, it means the more we connect and give to communities, the better we become as people. Now is the time to take a determined dive towards community care and societal development of our nations.

Who Is A CSA

A CSA is a person approved to manage his or her City or Community Social Channel.

CSA is an emerging modern day position of community leadership that will build personalities of enormous social influence and honour in an increasingly connected and globalized world. 

CSA is the personality that manages all information meant for the community social space on events, with those from traditional and political leaders as well as those from external agents of change around the world.

It is a non-political, rare opportunity to be an agent of change and development to your desired or chosen community. It is a social service that is primarily voluntary but secondarily influential, honorable and rewarding.

Highlights For CSAs:

  • An opportunity to connect people for better development of communities.
  • Ensure every vital event and development in the life of any community is recorded on their social page.
  • Give every community a voice and window to show the world what they have.
  • Ensure every leader either appointed or elected gets a true and verifiable record of his stewardship (good or bad) for easy public reference.
  • Where community feedback of incompetence or lack of commitment is received and established, a CSA may be suspended. Termination shall be at the discretion of CitiMEMO.
  • A CSA can create and manage multiple communities provided they are close and approved by CitiMEMO.
  • Must be resident in one of the communities s/he represents.
  • Must understand the community native language if any.
  • A CSA must know that the post confers on him/her the status of a leader, representative, coordinator and a reporter.


Firstly, National and State social spaces are managed exclusively by CitiMEMO, and every other public social spaces shall be opened and managed by approved persons. 

Secondly, Presidential public performance profile are managed exclusively by CitiMEMO and all other Leaders performance profile shall be opened and managed by approved persons, contributed  to, by the citizens, moderated by CitiMEMO.

Community Social Space managers are called the CSA while those managing leaders profiles are called MEDIA MANAGERS

How To Be A CSA

  • Interested and qualified individuals are invited and can apply directly as detailed below.
  • Traditional Leaders or Community Development Associations (CDA) are privileged to nominate anyone for this position in line with the requirements published here. 
  • The window for nominations from Traditional Leaders and CDAs is open for as long as no CSA has been approved for the desired community.
  • Where a community has more than one Royal Father of equal status or involved in any battle of supremacy, CitiMEMO shall independently appoint to represent such community. 
  • Applications shall be processed as they are received. 


  • Prospective CSA must be between 25 - 45 years in age.
  • Be an HND/BSc graduate minimum.
  • Have good communication skills
  • Have good social media skills.
  • Understands the local language of the community he desires to represents.

Duties Of A CSA

  1. Research, create a community page and upload details based on the guidelines given by CitiMEMO
  2. If already created, he shall manage the existing page for desired Community, Town or City.
  3. Ensure the history is correct and complete as much as possible by consulting community leaders and relevant stakeholders. 
  4. Introduce himself and CitiMEMO to the Traditional Leaders where applicable and maintain active contact with them. 
  5. Maintain active contact with Community Development Association where it exists.
  6. Mobilize members and indigene at home and in diaspora to connect and follow Community events and developments.
  7. Manage the wall responsibly to earn the trust of the community people at home and abroad.
  8. Confirm and document development works done by the political leaders as directed by CitiMEMO, using the unique (#)Hashtag created for each leader, with supporting images.
  9. Inform community members of new opportunities relevant to the community as he gets notifications..
  10. Inform community members of new developments relevant to the community as it unfolds.
  11. Disseminate general messages or information as may be received from CitiMEMO.
  12. Must ensure the authenticity of all information from outside sources before sharing on community space.
  13. Post announcements as directed by the Traditional/Community Leader where applicable.
  14. For metropolitan or big cities, a CSA shall constitute a team to support in the administration.


A CSA shall be entitled to benefit from all locally generated adverts targeted towards his/her community social space. 

  • A CSA is free to accept and disseminate non-campaign messages from all political parties. (All parties must be given equal opportunity)
  • A CSA is allowed to accept personal paid announcements from the public to be posted on the city/community wall. Rates to be determined and managed exclusively by the individual or team of CSAs.
  • Adverts are subject to CitiMEMO regulations to prevent abuse.

How To Apply

  • Check eligibility requirements for CSA and ensure you are qualified.
  • Read through the "Duties of CSAs" and be sure you are willing.
  • Check if the city/community you desire to manage is already created or not.
  • If not, send a letter of interest (LOI) of not more than 1000 words to csa@citimemo.com
  • LOI must contain your personal profile, the community of interest and how you intend to serve your community.
  • You will be notified on the status of your application within 7 days.
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