About CitiMemo
About CitiMemo

CitiMemo is a public social network, building on information, research and networking. Encouraging citizen voice to evolve and facilitate community development and good governance around the world.


“Man Makes The Community, Community Makes The Man”

The community we build now, determines the personality of the coming generation.

Community is the most important reference point for development and her growth status always reflect in her dwellers’ quality of life, which also translates to the cumulative status of a State, County, Province, Region or Nation.

We are growing our nation when we grow our communities.


“A world where leaders deliver good governance, good performance due to public and systemic intolerance to corruption, impunity and bad leadership”


All communities, big or small are profiled on the basis of events and development, while leaders are profiled on the basis of performance.


History - Apart from the few ancient kingdoms and histories published many years ago, every other community has history unwritten and unknown to many and as a result will be lost or distorted with time if not documented.

Culture - Communities have cultures and norms that are unique and preservable.

  • Heritage
  • Marriage
  • Belief and Taboos
  • Festivals

Development - Modern development started a long time ago and should be  tracked and appraised to know if our communities are making progress in-line with acceptable standards, with reference to the following sectors;

  • Infrastructure
  • Education
  • Health
  • Agriculture
  • Industry and Economy
  • Social (e.g Carnivals and music etc)

Leaders - Every community has both traditional and political leaders whose stewardship should be tracked and documented for better performance.

  • Achievements

Youth Development - As the leaders of the future, we must consciously invest in their development and have this on record per time. (What have your community done and what are they doing for the youths in your community).

Hall Of Fame - Let those who contribute to the lifting of people and development of your community be featured on the Hall of Fame of your community and let this be a useful reference tool to know those worthy of honor in the public and be part of your community history. Guidelines to be given by CitiMemo.


Leaders shall be profiled by the following guidelines:-

  • Description
  • Profession Achievements
  • Leadership Achievements
  • Awards
  • References